Chosen One of Bionicle


BZPower Status : Member
BZP Comics Wiki Status : Member
Number of Posts (BZP) : 350+
BZP Occupations : Comic Maker
Commenced Comic Making : Sep 26th, 2008
Number of Comics : 50+
Pronunciation : Like "Noob", but with a hard "C"
Location : St. Pölten, Austria
Tools : Adobe Fireworks CS4, Microsoft Paint, GIMP
This article is about the author and BZPower member. You may be looking for the comic character of the same name.
"Coob's just a genius."
— Nuhrii the Metruan

Chosen One of Bionicle, also known as Coob, as he likes to be called, is a moderately known comic maker of BZPower's Artwork III forums. He is mostly known for his first and only comic series, Kanohi of Comedy.

Member History

While searching for a possibility to order issues of the German BIONICLE magazine online, Coob found the BZPower forums unintentionally, while googling "BIONICLE comics". Needless to say, he landed in Artwork III and was simply amazed by the sheer amount of creativity and work people put in the comics there. Since he liked BZPower overall, he decided to become a member on April 28th, 2008. Around half a year later, he decided to become a comic maker just like his AIII idols, especially The Chilli God, who remains Coob's favourite comic maker up to this day. Because of this, Coob's first and only comic series, Kanohi of Comedy, was started on Sep 26th, 2008, using the same theme, TRAFOTT used. Unfortunately, the Dataclysm occured early 2009, deleting everything since Sep 26th. What a surprise. Coob howewer wasn't demotivated by this though, and restarted the comic topic on April 1st, 2009. Since then, Coob has made 50 + comics and gained 150+ posts.

Comic History

Kanohi of Comedy

Coob's first and only comic series is Kanohi of Comedy, a BIONICLE parodying sprite comic reviving the old and almost forgotten TRAFOTT theme.

The Chronicler

It should also be noted that Coob's doing a monthly comic strip for The Chronicler, the unofficial German BIONICLE magazine. These comics are in German however.


Coob mainly uses Adobe Fireworks CS4, together with MS Paint for spriting and occasionally GIMP for effects.


  • Coob's favourite sprite kit is Rayg, followed closely by RZ. He thinks Chimoru Omega is okay, but only six-shaded. For some reason, he doesn't like Chimoru Alpha. He also has a dislike for Razor, except when it's used by Lavaside Rahi, and Xanis.
  • His mother language is German.
  • Because of his extreme lack of knowledge of sprites when he designed his character, Coob made the colours asymmetrical. Now he regrets that mistake everytime he makes a sheet of him, since he has to do it twice and more careful.
  • It also should be noted that he has an extreme penchant for Squirtles.

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