Species : Toa
Comics : LIGHT
Kanohi : Infected Great Kakama
Colors : Black, Infected
Element : Unknown
Occupation : Slave Driver
Tools : Scythe
Location : Destral
Status : Dead
Pronunciation : cha

Chya was a servant of the Brotherhood of Makuta. For three hundred years, he was the archenemy of Toa Dlakii.


Chya's origins remain something of a mystery. His first recorded appearance on Destral occurred two thousand years prior to the Great Cataclysm, in which, according to Toa Iruini, he was being experimented on by Makuta Chirox. Right from the beginning, he was given the job of slave driver, a job where he had to force the large number of Matoran slaves to work around Destral. It was Chya's enthusiasm for this job that led to Toa Gaaki and Toa Iruini learning of the Brotherhood of Makuta's plots.

It appears that, at an undisclosed time afterwards, Chya was tasked with hunting down Toa Dlakii and his band, presumably after they escaped from Destral.

It is known that Chya died. How, where and when is unknown, though a flashback in The Unknown Turaga II: Land of Dragons implies that Dlakii killed him.


Throughout history, Chya's only known weapon was a rusted scythe. He wore an infected Kanohi Kakama, the Great Mask of Speed; however, due to Chirox's mutation, he could not access its power.

Powers and Traits

Chya's pre-mutation powers are unknown. A side effect of the mutation resulted in a complete loss of any special powers he ever had, including use of his Kanohi.


Compared to other villains, even the Lord of the Shadow Dragons, Chya was downright brutal. He thought nothing of torturing and disposing of Matoran in ways he created himself in his spare time. Whether or not there is more to him is unknown, as he elects not to show any other emotion.


  • In his purified, non-shadow form, Chya looked/will look somewhat different. His colour scheme will incorporate a dark blue, much like his better known corrupt form.
  • "Chya" was not Chya's original name, but rather one assumed when he was corrupted.
  • The methods used to corrupt Chya will be revealed in a short story by Turaga Dlakii.
  • Though he is not brown in colouring, Chya's name was derived from the Japanese word chyairo, meaning brown. Curiously, chya is the Japanese word for tea.