Civil War


Genre : Action
Started/Maintained By : Venom
Current Season : N/A
Location/Setting : The Comic Land
Main Enemies : Unknown
Starting Date : July 5th, 2010
Sprite Kit : RZMIK
Status : Posted

Civil War is a Multi-Author series started by Venom, which was released on July 5, 2010. It was intended to be released on the fourth, but was delayed.

It is the largest MAS of all time, with the count of twenty-six authors (previously twenty-eight).


Civil War is about a war between two famous authors: Gavla and Venom. Gavla is the wealthiest of them all, but comes to realize that due to Hapori Tohu gone, some other formerly famous authors are now on the streets, living no life whatsoever. Gavla plans to change this by taking Hapori Tohu's energy to restore peace to the land. Venom, however, views this as stealing from Hapori Tohu, who is the only one who knows how to use this power. He tries to settle it with Gavla, but Gavla will not give up. Venom declares war against Gavla as the two teams are formed: R.I.G.O.L, the Really Intellegent Guys Of Loyalty, or Team Venom, and P.A.S.S, Powerful And Seriously Smart, or Team Gavla.


The Author rotation is set up into four divisions alternating between RIGOL and PASS respectively.


Really Intellegent Guys Of Loyalty

Division 1
Division 3

Powerful And Seriously Smart

Division 2
Division 4

Neutral Mercenaries



  • This is the third Multi Author comic Philipnova798, Nuparurocks, Skorpyo and Gavla will have worked together on, following Skorpyo's Project Unlikely and Philipnova's The Adventure Squad. And also the third time being on the same team.
  • Likewise, this is also the fourth time both Vahkoro and Venom have authored a series. (following Vahkoro: Behind The Mask, Appitite for Comedy and Comical Chronicles Remix)
  • This is also the umpteenth time in which Gavla and Philipnova have appeared together in a series. And the sixth they authored together (along with Project Unlikely and The Adventure Squad, they also worked on Ravnica: City of Guilds, The Comics of the Morons and The Great Race)
  • Floko, Linnea, Lehyra, and Junko (from Skorpyo's comics, Nuparurocks' Comics, Quest, and The Adventure Squad respectively) will also be featured as characters.
  • In Nuparurock's first comic, Xanis makes a cameo as a poor Matoran on the street that Ennar gives a sandwich to.
  • In the First Prologue comic, Xakhivoraitogaratosbovinderzach (or Xahky for short), a character from The Editorialist's comics, makes a cameo as a homeless Comic Land inhabitant.

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