Clash of the Titans


Genre : The Group Comedy
Started/Maintained By : Gazibo, Spitty, Dokuma, Exo M7
Current Season : One
Location/Setting : A redesigned version of Exo's house
Main Enemies : None
Starting Date : July 2, 2007
Sprite Kit : RZMIK, Xanis's Ultimate Sprite Kit
Status : Dead

Clash of the Titans was a short-lived multi-author comic series written by Gazibo, Spitty, Dokuma, and Exo M7. Its original concept was conceived by Gazibo as an effort to unify some of the most popular and well-known comic writers in a single series once more. The series fizzled out due to author procrastination.

It was succeeded by Remember the Titans, which was supposed to mark Cee-estee's return to comic making, but in great irony, Cee could not find a program that suited him and never made a comic.


Clash of the Titans frequently made references to Exo's Comics. The backgrounds were quite detailed, featuring a wide-screen TV, couch, painting hung on the wall, two windows and a computer desk, emulating the iconic Exo's House set.

Dokuma's comics for the series often featured an extra joke on top of the second panel, or as was the case with the third panel of his second comic.


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