Cod Rex


Species : Fish King entity
Comics : The Newsroom
Origin : Turaga Dlakii reading too much about the 2008 Bionicle story + evil pact with Makuta Teridax
First Appearance : Turaga Dlakii's blog
Abilities : Unknown
Weaknesses : Not swimming
Location : Probably Karda Nui
Pronunciation : cod rex

The Cod Rex is a mysterious Fish King entity in The Newsroom. It seems that it actually exists in the place of its namesake, the Codrex.


The Cod Rex originally surfaced as a pun. While reading the BionicleSector01 page on the Codrex, Turaga Dlakii is said to have randomly thought "Cod Rex". Acting upon that thought, Dlakii sought images of a cod and the Danish crown from Wikipedia, hatcheted them together in Adobe Photoshop, and published the end result in his blog on BZPower. The image was met with instant applause, netting at least one blog approval for Dlakii and earning comments such as "Awesome" and "Brilliance, sir".

Riding on the sheer success of the image, Dlakii chose to give his Frankenstein-esque creation life in The Newsroom; the Cod Rex's brief role in The Newsroom #92 met with similar amounts of acclaim.

In The Newsroom

The Cod Rex made its brief comic debut in a news report. When Lai, who was reading the news, started on a report concerning Karda Nui, he deliberately mispronounced "Codrex" as "Cod Rex", then proceeding to question the name; an image of the Cod Rex was shown on screen.

Much later, four stranded members of Channel Billion's staff - Lewajohnson, Tahuri, Kotahn and Toranova - arrived outside the Cod Rex, which sits in the middle of the Swamp of Secrets (in place of the canonical Codrex). The Toa Nuva (and, unknown to everyone, Makuta Antroz) had already entered. Upon Toranova's suggestion, the group followed the Toa Nuva very quietly, not gaining any attention at all. Unfortunately, Lewajohnson did not hear of this plan and instead ran a berserker charge through the Cod Rex, subsequently getting owned by Antroz. Later, the four Matoran stole the Axalara T9, Jetrax T6 and Rockoh T3 from the (literal) bowels of the Cod Rex and used them to escape Karda Nui.


The Cod Rex FIRIN ITZ LAZOR to awaken Mata Nui.

The Toa Nuva and Antroz were stuck without ways to escape at all. Toa Ignika, after much persuasion from Tahu (who was playing Laser Limbo at the time), reluctantly gave up its energies to awaken Mata Nui. The Cod Rex breifly came to life, gibbering excitedly, then proceeded to FIRE ITZ LAZOR, this being the Ignika's energy, thus awakening Mata Nui and setting off the Energy Storms.

Other appearances

The Cod Rex was, for a time, used in an avatar and personal photo combination, by Turaga Dlakii, as well as being shown off in its full size in his blog. As long as Dlakii still lives, the Cod Rex will not make appearances anywhere else.


  • The Toa Nuva would have opened the Cod Rex by throwing the Keystones into its eye.

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