Comic Advent Calendar

Author(s) : Lavaside Rahi, Kahinuva, numerous others
Current Season : 2011
Medium : Various
Island : Various
Main Enemies : Depends on comic maker, none for the most part
Number of Movies :
Started On : December 1, 2010/2011
Location : Various
Status : Semi-active
Pronunciation : "N/A"

The Christmas Avent Calender was an event first held by comic maker Lavaside Rahi on December 1st, 2010. The idea has since been revived for 2011, this time, Kahinuva has taken over hosting duties.

Overview Edit

The basic idea for the Advent Calender is so that comic makers (Both known and unknown) are able to show their festive (and goofy) side to everyone else on the comic forums. The series runs the 25 days leading towads Christmas and the host publishes one or two comics per day. The majority of comics are Christmas based, though there has been one Hunakah based comic as well.

Comic MakersEdit

The two hosts, Lavaside Rahi and Kahinuva gather together numerous authors for the chance to appear. In 2010's Calender, there was a total of 31 comic makers (Including the hosts):

  • The comic makers for 2011 as of late are (In order): Toa Utah, Atomic 009, Piraka~Mistika and Chath, King Joe, Shadonix, Tapika and LNU.


Reception has been positive for the most part, citing good graphics and humor.


  • Originally, Nuparurocks was to have a comic for the 2010 calender. This never came to be and was promptly made fun of in a strip In his own series.
  • More then half of the comic makers involved with the 2010 calender were part of other Multi-author Comic Series.
  • Toa Utah started off the Calender for both years.

External LinksEdit

Advent Calender 2010 Advent Calender 2011

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