Commander Conor

Conor Hologram

Species : Noob Scum
Comics : The Mercenus Chronicles
Kanohi : None, though shaped like a Ruru
Colors : Dirty brown, rancid gray, dark gray, a heck load of gray!
Element : Unknown, presumed none
Occupation : Supreme Overlord of the Collective SPAM Empire
Tools : The Gravis Fist of Infection
Location : Unknown
Status : Alive, still the Figurehead
Pronunciation : CO-MAN-DER CON-ER

Conlasta (more commonly known as Commander Conor) is the Presumed Main Antagonist and Generally shadowy character from The Mercenus Chronicles. He has made only a few appearances in the comics, but will have a more prominant role some time in the future.

Fictional Biography

Conlasta, Crusade of Hagurah

Conlasta, when he lived in Hagurah

Conlasta started life on the floating island of Hagurah; a desert island, to be precise. What he did there was unknown at this time.

However, when the Crusade of Hagurah seemed to be drawing to a close, an entire batallion of BZ-Metru Crusaders had encircled the last of the Hagurian matoran, including Conlasta. They were trapped between a pass filled with boiling hot water, which resulted in Conlasta losing one of his hands. Supreme Commader Rantanga, then a mere commander, noted Conlasta, then challanged him to a duel, much to everyone's chagrin. What happened afterwoods is unknown, but it is safe to assume Conlasta was beaten to a pulp.

Much after this is shrouded in mystery, up until a point when the reader sees only Commander Conor's face in a hologram, communicating with his lieutenants about the current situation, to which he reminds them of his goal.


While Conlasta hasn't been seen much during The Mercenus Chronicles, he has shown that he rules with the roar of a lion and with an Iron Fist, being able to scare even a Makuta into doing his bidding.

Powers and Traits

Conlasta appears to have the power of manipulation, however, he has become so good at manipulating people he has lost the need to use this power. As well as this, he appears to have the skills of becoming a tactical leader and knowing what is best for his soldiers.


  • Conlasta has a new sprite which has not been released to the public, however, what can be revealed is that he looks FAR different from his previous sprite form. A "Close-up" version of this sprite is currently being completed.
  • Conlasta is not the Brains behind the SPAM invasion.
  • Conlasta knows how to use a teleportation ability in combat, making his attacks very formiddable.
  • His history is directly linked to the Crusade that The Disciple and his fellow Guardians had to embark on by orders of Hapori Tohu.

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