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The current series title caption.

Founded by Mayeur Donz, Complaints & Cliffhangers is a studio-comic topic on the BZP Artwork III forum.


The series currently chronicles the status of Mayeur Donz and his quirky cast as they work their way through the Comic Land Disposal System, after being rejected as a Comic series by Lucien, Hapori Tohu's personal secretary.


Mayeur Donz – The founder of Complaints and Cliffhangers/ The rejected comic maker. He was labelled as the 1000th individual to be rejected as a comic maker, and has been described as “the most chronically talentless comic maker since Nuparurocks”.

Mequalle – One of Mayeur Donz’s cast members. He is naturally spiteful and regularly displays an open resentment for Mayeur Donz, as a result of the comic maker calling him “ugly” once, for whatever reason.

Boet – Very philosophical, Boet is another of Mayeur Donz’s characters, and speaks in a poetic manner.

Alchiorre – Mayeur Donz’s only female cast member, she has been the centre of fan attention for being described in the comics as “boss, stuck-up, and generally unlikeable”, suggested to be a female stereotype.

Croan – Croan constantly expresses a severe case of crippling depression, and often laments of the pains of living.

Batters – A “Turaga of Debate”, Batters was introduced after saving Mayeur Donz from drowning in Authordermis in the CLDS.

Callot – A newsreader of the BZP news station. Made to go to the CLDS to track Mayeur Donz.

Perin – Callot’s colleague, also made to follow Mayeur Donz, after the news report of his rejection received high ratings.


Initial reception to the series has been generally positive, comments citing the series success in paralell to being so relatively new. The main critisiscms have centered around the poor quality of the sprites.

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