Couch Potato Entity


Species : Cosmic Entity
Comics : Live, Learn, and Lawsuits
Kanohi : Great Ruru
Colors : Potato-like colors
Element : Numerous
Occupation : None
Tools : Flying Couch
Location : Comic Multiverse
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : N/A

The Couch Potato Entity is a cosmic entity of the Comic Multiverse.


Not much is known about the Couch Potato Entity except that, like with all other cosmic entities, there is only one of him in the entire Multiverse, with no alternate versions existing.

He usually watches the events of the Multiverse for enjoyment, but recently, because of the closure and procrastination of others, he has intervened for the first time in a millennium and made a deal with Ozuan to send Kahinuva through a dimensional quest.


The Entity's powers are numerous, as he is a powerful cosmic being. The ones known are:

  • The ability to teleport (over dimensions, even) of him and others
  • The ability to convert matter
  • The ability to wipe from existence any individuals
  • The ability to grant large amounts of money


The Couch Potato Entity's couch acts as a flying vehicle that he sits on as he watches. It is virtually indestructible.


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