Cowman is a superhero of Engima City. He is also one of the Impossibles.


Cowman was originally a Ta-Matoran who lived in the heart if Engima City. He was ambushed by the supervillian Ace of Hearts and was held as a hostage in a building that was owned by the Gyrotech Company. Escaping from his captor, he ran into a weapon and armory room and put on a full body suit, using it to defeat Ace of Hearts. He was given a rewards of several billion widgets, but Ace of Heart's partner the Rebooter then created a virus that erased all memories of Cowman's existence from everyone. With no one remembering the incident, Cowman then decided to become a superhero. He was deciding what kind of hero to be when a cow came flying through his window. He took it as an omen and became Cowman.


Cowman later became a member of the superteam the Impossibles and quite the superhero. He became well known around the city and well feared in the crime underground.

Live, Learn and Lawsuits

He encountered Kahinuva one day on his patrol. He offered to help Kahinuva go back to his home dimension, but was interrupted by Vortinus.


Cowman in the alternate dimension.


Cowman had no powers, but he is intelligent, although not at a genius level. He is also a great martial artist.


Cowman has numerous weapons in his arsenal, many which have not been revealed.


The Cowsuit is a super suit that Cowman uses. It is bulletproof and has heating/cooling units inside to keep Cowman at the right temprature. It also has springs in the shoes and houses a Cowmunicator.


The Cowmunicator is a telepathic contact unit. It converts brain waves into radio waves and radio waves into brain waves. It has a special frequency that only other Cowmunicators can access.


  • Cowman was created when Kahinuva was talking with a friend of his on what would happen if Bruce Wayne had a cow come through his window rather than a bat.
  • Cowman has been confirmed to GS in Gavla's Comics in the "Toast-Man" minisaga.
  • Cowman also made a guest appearance in Nuparurocks' Comics.

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