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Species : Toa (formerly), Matoran
Comics : Crazy-Lihkan88 Comix, Crazy-Lihkan38's Comics, Legend of ZB-Metru, Crazy-Lihkan38's Comics V2
Kanohi : Noble Matatu
Colors : Metru Gold, Mata Red
Element : Fire, Light
Occupation : Comic Maker, Musician
Tools : Green Lightsaber (formerly), Double-bladed Axe, Drumset
Location : Comic Land
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : kray-zee lee-kahn thur-tee ayt

Note: This is the page describing Crazy-Lihkan38 as he is seen in comics. For the member's userpage, see Here


Crazy-Lihkan38 joined BZPower on July 14, 2008. He made many friends and quickly racked up some posts. He guest starred and co-authored in many series and even had a few of his own.He has always been a red toa nuva with golden armor and a golden Lhikan hau. As of 1/1/09, he is now a red matoran with gold feet and torso, and a golden noble Mahiki with yellow eyes.

Comic Information

Crazy-Lihkan38 was a pie-loving Toa who lived peacefully in a faraway land. He then moved to Comic Land and started making comics and guest starring in them and co-authoring. Then one day, after making a co-author comic for TahuNinja's Comics, The Seeker showed up a zapped him with energy. When he woke up he had a more custom, matoran look. Look here for reference.

In other Comics

Crazy-Lihkan38 has Guest starred and co-authored in many many comic series. He will list them soon, after he does some research.

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