Crazy-Lihkan88 Comix


Author(s) : Crazy-Lihkan38
Current Season : 1
Medium : Rayg 2.0
Island : Canada Land
Main Enemies : Toa Bounty Hunter, Anhaj
Number of Movies : 1
Started On : December 5, 2007
Location : CL88 Comix Studio
Status : Dead
Pronunciation : "N/A"

Crazy-Lihkan88 Comix, A.K.A CL88 Comix were created by Crazy-Lihkan38 on December 5, 2007. They only consisted of 6 comics, an unfinished movie and an upcoming game. They were posted on the Custom Bionicle Wikia because they were made before CL38 learned of BZPower.

The Comics

  1. Comic 1: Introduction
  2. Comic 2: Onepu's Toa School
  3. Comic 3: The Comic Store
  4. Comic 4: Meet the Characters
  5. Comic 5: Happy Birthday!
  6. Comic 6: A Normal CL88 Day


Good Guys

Character Description
Kongu The narrator, Kongu is a somewhat sane person who doesn't exactly like his fellow castmembers.
Tahu A fun-loving character who likes to burn people up.
Nokama The only girl main character, she is sane and hates idiots.
Matau A somewhat idiot, just like Tahu except doesn't burn things.
Makuta (Teridax) A definant idiot, he thinks it is people's birthday everyday.
Nuju The scientist, he invents many things and usually avoids most people in fear that they are idiotic.
Takanuva Best friends with Pohatu. Not a main character all that much.
Pohatu Best friends with Takanuva. Not a main character all that much.
Onepu Only shows up occasionally, he trains toa and has a short temper.

Bad Guys

Character Description
Toa Bounty Hunter (TBH) An evil Toa, he is skilled in some weapons but isn't the brightest.
Anhaj A mysterious, corrupted matoran, he loves to torture and works with TBH
Buster The servant of the Bad Guys, he is a rahkshi wh also runs a store.

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