Da-Matoran are the Matoran of Shoop Da Whoops.

Abilities and Traits

Da-Matoran have the ability to become either Toa of Shoops or Toa of Whoops. When they are Matoran, they do have the ability to do Shoops, but they're not as controlled and can only Shoop a certain kind of Shoop Energy, often called the "Blast Shoop". They are not easily destroyed by Shoop Da Whoops. They, like Av-Matoran, can give a Toa extra powers when linked together. Their armor is usually red, green, orange, and blue.

Toa and Turaga

Every ten thousand years, the Da-Matoran feel ready to become Toa are led into a maze by the former Toa. They are then locked in, and those who are in there must make it out in a month's time or stay stuck in the maze forever. The maze leads over lava, desert, ice, and many other dangerous terrains and obstacles, and it is very easy to die. Thus, very few Toa are in existence.

After they have led the Da-Matoran into the maze, the Toa must then take a section of the maze made only for Toa. If they complete that part of the maze, they are turned into Turaga. Even fewer Toa ever turn into Turaga, and Turaga of Shoop Da Whoops are honored as very wise and strong warriors, leading them to quickly rise in power and become very valued leaders, even to the rank of High Turaga.

Abilities and Traits

Toa of Shoop Da Whoops are defined by their ability to heal rapidly and resistance to Shoops. Turaga do not lose most of their power when they transform, either, approximately 25% of his power.


When Da-Matoran become Toa, they are given the choice between the Kanohi Shoopda or the Kanohi Whoopda. This will define them becoming a Toa of Shoops or a Toa of Whoops.

Toa of Shoops

A Toa of Shoops has extreme strength and the power to increase his density. They are usually seen wearing red or orange armor.

Toa of Whoops

A Toa of Whoops is superbly agile and has the ability to levitate. They are seen with green or blue armor.

Known Da-Matoran

  • Zaro-Transformed into a Toa of Shoops
  • Lygi-Transformed into a Toa of Whoops

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