Species : Nuvian
Comics : Live, Learn and Lawsuits
Kanohi : Miru
Colors : Black, Dark Red
Element : Iron
Occupation : Mercenary
Tools : Miscellaneous
Location : Various
Status : On an assignment
Pronunciation : DAH-lahk

Dalak is a freelance mercenary and assassin who works for the highest bidder.



Dalak was originally an Matoran that lived in Ba-Scrui in Scrui-Nui. Records show him living a life as a "black market" supplier, though the validity of said records is questionable. He was the main supplier for the both sides in the Taone Revolution, giving them to the highest bidder. However, years after the revolution, he was soon "recruited" by an organization called Zyphri and was sent to their headquarters. Here, he was the subject of both mutations and organic enhancement, leading him to become the being he is today.


Dalak was then sent into the world by the Zyphri, with his creators hoping to gain information from such an endeavor. However, after many missions, Dalak was caught in an explosion and when he regenerated, his new, organic mind bore no trace of either his memories or his previous masters safeguards. As a result, they lost him and all attempts to track him down were rendered futile.

Dalak soon developed a sort of warped personality. He started talking frequently and using references to things beings in his world had never heard of before. While some dismissed this as a bit of insanity, they soon noticed that some of what he said matched up with records of alternate realities. Now, no one knows what to think, and speculations that his mind "taps into" alternate realities at times have surfaced.

Dalak gained a notoriety for his willingness to kill and his habit of working for whoever gave him the highest bid. He originally worked for numerous underground circulations, but soon "graduated" to higher leagues.

Appearance in Comic Series

Dalak is set to appear in Civil War, but will also have roles in Live, Learn and Lawsuits, Mask of Existence, and the Taone Nui Offline Game.

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