Species : Matoran/Dimensio-Agent
Comics : Mission Implausible
Kanohi : Vahi
Colors : Sand Brown (wearing a black suit and red tie)
Element : None
Occupation : Trainee Dimensio-Agent
Tools : Dimensio-Portals
Location : Dimensio-HQ
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : N/A

Alucard Dangerfist, better known as Dangerfist, is one of the main characters of Mission Implausible. He is a Trainee Dimensio-Agent, formerly apprenticed under NaNDeRHeiSeR. His best friend and partner in crime Astley embarked along with him on a mission to travel through time and space using Dimensio-Portals and invade various comic series.

Dangerfist is madly in love with the Dimensio-HQ Secretary Schwinn Testsley but is so nervous around her that he can barely speak. Unbeknownst to him, the feelings are mutual and Schwinn equally makes a fool of herself around him.


Dangerfist and astley were assigned by Commander FoX to travel through various comic series and breathe life into their plots. He is currently still working on that mission, although he causes a fair amount of chaos when spending time between series at the Dimensio-HQ.


As Mission Implausible progresses, readers can slowly begin learning about the pasts of the Dimensio-Agents and trainees. Here is a compiled list of the facts learned about Dangerfist.

  • Astley and Dangerfist are acquainted with Mr. Sun, but how they know eachother and how Mr. Sun knows them in every dimension they encounter eachother in is unknown. Mr. Sun hates the two trainees for unknown reasons.
  • More often than not, Astley tends to be the leader of the group, giving Dangerfist directions. Dangerfist seems to be slightly dumber and more socially awkward than Astley.
  • Dangerfist is easily distracted by humorous characters and encountering such characters makes him lose focus and make mistakes easily. For example, he was too entertained by Zonis to notice that he was a zombie, and he was too entertained by the Klinkerpoop characters in the recycling bin to remember to close the Dimensio-Portal and unwittingly brought Mr. Sun and zombie Zonis back to the main world of Klinkerpoop.

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