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Danska's Bionicle Builder, or DBB, is a sprite kit created by Danska: Shadow Master which is famous for its extreme detail. It is said to be inspired by the Rahi Zaku Mega Kit and the Mata Nui Builder.

The Builder generally sees more use in the realm of banners, avatars and sprite work which calls for more detail. It was also given an

Antroz created with Dansa's Bionicle Builder

official role in BZPower's third Expanded Multiverse Contest, being named as a recommended kit for use in entering in the Kits category, and having several of the Expanded Multiverse Kanohi sprited by BS01 owner Swert and Forum Leader/Reference Master bonesiii for the purpose of the contest. However, its comic use is scant and rare, this possibly attributed to its focus on less-useful frontal posing, and the pieces and time required to put it together.

Currently, Danska has sprited all of the canister-sized and impulse sets from 2001-2010, except for the Visorak, along with the Exo-Toa, Takanuva (both forms), Makuta, Dume, Lhikan, Sidorak, Roodaka, Keetongu, Axonn, Brutaka, Vezon, Hydraxon, Maxilos, Icarax, the 2008 pilots, and Fero. Notable fan contributions include Nui-Rama, Nivawk, the Toa Kaita, Umbra, the Ben 10 sets, the Stars Combiner, Karzahni, Gadunka, Spiriah, Niazesk, Trinuma, Tuma, Kyry, Click, the Matoran Nui and various compilations, making it one of the most complete kits on BZPower.

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