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Dark709's Comics: The Movie III: Rise of Hapori Dume


Producer : Dark709
Comics of Origin : Dark709's Comics
Sprite Kit : Chimoru Omega
Location : The Comic Land
Main Enemies : Hapori Dume
Commencement Date : April 23, 2008
Status : Alive

Rise of Hapori Dume is Dark709's third movie. It is based on the rebirth of Hapori Dume.


The Comic Land has been at peace, ever since the Great Comic Land War, 4 years ago. Sir Pickles has still been cooking up small schemes to try and take over Dark709's Comics. But there is much unrest in the Comic Land this day, as it is Hapori Tohu's 15th memorial. As well as being a momentus occasion, there is another event. Mustard Guy (who prefers 'Matrak' now) is coming to BZ-Metru. After his accident in the collapse of Tohu Tower, he is once again encased in his Mustard suit. He urgently begins a journey to BZ-Metru, to inform Turaga Hakari--current ruler of the Comic Land--of a long forgotten prophecy of the Guardian. It is a prophecy of utter importance, and foretells a great evil unleashed on the Comic Land. Once the shadow has arrived, there can be nothing to stop it...Or can there?


The movie was released to positive praise for it's animation and action. But overall reception has been mixed. While the animation and plot are constantly praised, the amount of time it takes to animate a single scene has garnered quite a bit of criticism amongst the fandom.


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