Species : Matoran
Comics : Darklight's Comics
Kanohi : Kakama
Colors : Blue; Cyan, Purple Eyes
Element : N/A
Occupation : Comic Maker
Tools : Black Fire, possibly
Location : Darklight's Comic Studio
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Dahrk Lyte

Darklight is a comic maker and member of BZPower Forums.


When Darklight first saw BZP, he went straight to the Comics forum. There, he saw Hypernuva's comics and started to hang around them. He was inspired by these comics to make his own comics too, so he did. The feedback for the comics was mostly constructive criticism, such as telling him that he should improve the backgrounds and jokes. He ended up leaving the topic to die and asking Hypernuva for help. Hypernuva helped him, and Darklight started his topic again.

This time around, the comics were more successful, and he met his good friend Rokroro there. After Rok GSed he came back and asked to PGS. After making his own comics, Rok asked that if Darklight would want to start a topic together. They did, and they got bit popular. After many duo topics, Darklight decided to make a comeback series in December of 2009.

Darklight has ceased comic making and possibly, will not return to make more.

Character development

Darklight already had a basic idea what his character would look like, It would be a matoran with a Kakama colored in blue. The first time Darklight appeared on any kind of comic was in a GS comic in one of Hyper Nuva's comics. And as you can see from this, the character was still in a moderate planning stage. After that comic, a BZPower member named Creotoa (Now known as JonLajoie) made an avatar for him showing a picture of a cyan matoran with red eyes holding a chainsaw and a glass of milk. That is where Darklight got his current appearance. Sometime after that, Darklight PGS'ed in Creotoa's comics, where he then told a little bit more about his personality and his evil form. Creotoa then developed Darklight's character a bit more to make it more unique. He created the black-redish cloud that would transform Darklight into his evil form. And he even created the Hybrid form(Which he never used). So to say, Creotoa is responsible of creating Darklight.


  • Darklight has an evil counterpart that appears whenever Darklight is caught in the black-redish fog.
  • He aslo has a hybrid version of himself called Lightdark. The hybrid version has only appeared on Zero's comics.
  • Oddly enough, Darklight likes sarcasm.
  • "DL" is a shorter version of Darklight's name.
  • Darklight first appeared in Hypernuva's GS comic, where he was blue and white with yellow eyes. Here, Creotoa made an avatar for Darklight with a cyan Matoran with purple eyes holding a chainsaw and a glass of milk.
  • Darklight's very first comics were made with the original Chimoru Kit.
  • Darklight's blood type is AB negative.

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