Darth Kharahk


Species : Rahkshi
Comics : Bionicle Star Wars
Kanohi : Yellow and blue Rahkshi head
Colors : Dark gray, lighter gray, yellow and blue (head)
Element : N/A
Occupation : Sith lord's apprentice
Tools : Double-lightsaber blade, lightning and energy powers
Location : Levanas Nui
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : N/A

Darth Kharahk is Darth Sharzahk's apprentice in Bionicle Star Wars. As of Comic 15, he wields a double-lightsaber blade.


Kharahk is a fairly skilled warrior (or at least as the series progresses). He is very loyal to Sharzahk and possesses the same powers (though to a lesser degree. He is sent on a lot of missions such as scavenging planets for the construction of a Sith base, fighting Jedi and such.

In Comic 7, Sharzahk demonstrates the Advanced Rahkshi Synthesizer to Kharahk and then orders him to make an army which later fight, and fail to defeat the Jedi.

Later, he sends a group of Advanced Rahkshi to scout for any Jedi and sees a plushie. However, out of this plushie jumps out Mega Kal, they have a lightsaber duel which ends with half of his arm cut off. He then vanishes and later gets it fixed. Since then, he has held a grudge against Mega Kal.

After a few events, we see him in a volcano area and sends an army of Advanced Rahkshi to secure the area. Jedi Master Darku comes in and defeats the Advanced Rahkshi, while Darth Kharahk is scavenging for data on his computer for his master, Sharzahk.

Then comes in Darku and they engage in a duel. Darku heads for the cave, Kharahk follows and starts using the Dun Moch technique - taunting him. This causes Darku to appear with rage and fights. Kharahk uses Sith lightning, but fails due to Darku blocking it by connecting his two lightsabers together, however Kharahk overpowers him, causing Darku to thud near the lava falls. They proceed to battle, with Darku jumping over Kharahk and using The Force to leave him hanging on a cliff. He then swears for revenge.

Afterward, the Sith headed for Levanas Nui. Since then, he hasn't had that much activity in combating, but still participates in the Sith's plans when needed. His most notable action was defeating Mega Kal when he tried to defeat the Sith in their base against Nuvaro's orders. Kharahk is currently torturing him.

Powers & Combat

Kharahk possesses Sith lightning powers just like Darth Sharzahk, however oddly he is not known for being a user of The Force. His combat tactics rely more on brute force and Dun Moch (taunting the opponent) and at first was easily defeated by Mega Kal and Darku, however later on he learned how to use his powers and abilities better which made him a formidable enemy.

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