Darth Sharzahk


Species : Rahkshi
Comics : Bionicle Star Wars
Kanohi : Dark red Rahkshi head
Colors : Very dark gray, lighter gray, dark red (head)
Element : Shadow
Occupation : Sith Lord
Tools : None
Location : Levanas Nui
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Shar-zak

Darth Sharzahk is the main enemy and Dark Lord of the Sith in Bionicle Star Wars. He is a Rahkshi, as are most of the villains in the series and is the most grim and menacing of them all. He possess immense shadow powers and can also produce Sith lightning blasts, as well as his apprentice Darth Kharahk.

Sharzahk's goal is to destroy the Jedi and rule the galaxy from his base on Omega Serus.


Darth Sharzahk is the most powerful and intelligent of the Sith, constantly sending in his apprentices Darth Kharahk and Darth Cyberstrike to kill the Jedi, with them always failing. He also sends in various assassins and his armies of Advanced Rahkshi to destroy the Jedi, once again failing.

Although he is virtually unbeatable, his weakness is his over-confidence, often thinking that the people he sends in to kill the Jedi will succeed, as well as his desire to send in other people to destroy his enemies for him (which is usually what Sith lords do).

Levanas NuiEdit

In Comic 20, Sharzahk made a deal with Chief Orkham to send in his Advanced Rahkshi army to him, stating that he'll become "King Orkham of Levanas Nui" with the combined strengths of the Advanced Rahkshi and Orkhamian Warriors. However he only wants to gain control of the tribe (by ordering his Advanced Rahkshi to turn against Orkham), without Orkham's knowledge (the chief is solely driven by his desire to rule Levanas Nui).

The Jedi, on the other hand made a deal with Chief Lemoru and made him aware of the Sith's arrival.

This has put the two Levanas Nui tribes in war.

Sharzahk and Kharahk also recently captured Mega Kal who is currently being tortured.

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