Species : Matoran, Program
Comics : None
Kanohi : Kraahkan
Colors : Black, Brown, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Lime-Green, Red
Element : Cyber
Occupation : Death Screen Caster, Villain
Tools : Red Caster
Location : Cyberspace
Status : Dormant, awaiting for his time...
Pronunciation : DEH-th-screen

Deathscreen, or Deadscreen by others, is a computer error that is the cause of the legendary Screens of Death. His weapon, the Redcaster, can cause deadly Red Screens. He can also simply conjure others.


During the birth of computers, it was a glorious time. Companies made millions off of the computers they sold. But, no computer went without an error. A virus by the name of Deathscreen would cause mysterious error screens that would be called the "Screens of Death". When video games sought release, Deathscreen spread to gaming systems and caused bad errors. He is currently unstoppable.


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