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Defiance poster

Author(s) : Sharps
Current Season : 1
Medium : The ToM Kit
Island : N/A
Main Enemies : Mikossian guards, Electromutants, The Creed
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : 12 Feb 2011
Location : Mikoss'
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Dee-Fie-Ence

Defiance is a plot oriented comic series created by Sharps. It is about a toa who was orphaned when he was young taking revenge to those who killed his parents. The series has 8 comics so far. This series has an interesting concept as there are two seperate continuities present.


McAllistar is 23 yeas old and living in a planet called Mikoss' in the year 2351. He has the power to manipulate lightning. During the year 2301, Mikoss' officials allowed matoran to come live there. But during their travels, an air leak occured. Space bacteria was exposed to a part of the vessel. The bacteria changed the DNA of the people exposed to the bacteria. The DNA didn't fully transformed until it came to contact to the atmosphere of Mikoss'. The result was that people who were exposed to the bacteria to gain powers. Apparently, the bacteria is like a virus for the inhabitants of Mikoss'. It causes slow and painful deaths. So the government of Mikoss' Decided to brand the matoran as 'infected', 'possibility of infected' an 'clean'.

Fast forward to 2351, McAllistar has been accused for murder which he didn't do.Two guards come to arrest him. Angered, he silences them. Then, the 'dual continuity concept' begins.

Good Continuity

Mac stuns the guards leaving them alive. He then tells what's going on, and mentions the fact that his friend Nero thinks it's still christmas. He then goes to Terton's Guns to ask for help from his friend, Terton. Terton agrees to help Mac, albeit through a strategic way by having a team or a squad. Mac then replies he knows some people who might help.

On the way to find someone, the duo stumble upon a wanted poster with Mac's face, falsely accusing him of murder.

Evil Continuity

Mac kills the guards. He then tells what's going on, and mentions the fact that his friend Nero thinks it's still christmas. He then thinks if he should find Terton...


  • The series actually has a lot of different versions. though, they were never posted.
  • The series has gained much good criticism. But the comics have been criticised on the quality of text

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