The Kanohi Delgar is the Great Mask of Mangosteen Manipulation, featured in The Lazy Life of a Comic Maker with a Miru shape.


The mask's history is largely a blank. At some point in time, it was created for the use of Toa. The mask was hidden in a cave, where the one who wished to use it must answer a question. If answered wrong, the user was not allowed to touch the mask or enter the cave any further. The mask was later picked up by Eljay.


The mask is widely known as the Mask of Mangosteen. It is really the Mask of Mangosteen Manipulation. It can do anything with the mangosteen fruit, but only if it is in the mask's limits and only if the user can see what it wants the mask to do in great detail first. If the user wants a surf board of mangosteen, the mask shall do that, but make it roll across the ground instead of fly. It can make mangosteen fly from anywhere to hit a target but can not make it swerve if the target dodges. The mask has a self defense system, in a way like the Mask of Shadows. If taken from its wearer, the mask will strike out. The mask is gold, and if put on the users mask it will either form into the shape of the mask the wearer uses or form into the shape of the mask the user wants, to disguise itself. The user can use willpower to make the mask to switch back to its normal form at anytime.

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