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Delta Studios

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Author(s) : Nuzar of Vornazar
Current Season : Two
Medium : Chimoru Delta
Island : Vornazar Nui
Main Enemies : Lord Psychosis
Number of Movies : None
Started On : December 25, 2008
Location : BZPower
Status : Active
Pronunciation : DEHL-tuh STOO-dee-ohs

Delta Studios is a comic series created by the semi-known comic maker, Nuzar of Vornazar, currently known as "Nuzar the Pinapoconut." Originally, it was supposed to be merely a renamed version of Nuzar's Comics, but Nuzar decided to make it a fresh start. The series was started on December 25, 2008.

Nuzar's Comics 1.0

Season one of the comics was written from Christmas 2008 to Christmas 2009. The series used Chimoru.

Delta Studios

After a year of random occurences, Nuzar decided for a more professional look and created his own version of Chimoru, and backgrounds. There would also be more of a plot and more comics with PGSs in them. This season was started on Christmas of 2009.

The series is based on the continent of Vornazar Nui, a distant land to the east. The main setting of the comics is Delta Studios, a studio in the suburbs of Arceon, capital of Vornazar Nui, but it unlike most studio comics, it has more than one setting, such as a BZGuard base, and Delta Towers.

As of today, the topic has two parallel plots, a studio plot and a saga, with an upcoming third one that tells of the history of the island. The third plot is directly tied in with the current saga.

Studio Comics

The studio comics mostly focus on event usually seen in studio comics. At the moment, the plot for the Studio Comics have been mainly PGS revolts and rebellions, none of which have succeeded or even come close(ignoring the first one).

Saga Comics

The Saga of 2.0 is currently the plot-based side of the comics. The current one, Tohu's Legacy, focuses on the war that Lord Psychosis has started in the country, and his goal to release the long dormant Dark Being, Voras. The plot is frequented with twists and turns due to the fact that it is just an outline, with just a beginning and and end, leaving lots of room to elaborate and improvise.

The saga begins just weeks after the events of the previous saga.


Delta Studios

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