Species : Matoran
Comics : Hey Nuva Nuva, Black and Blue Comics, Legends of Parda-nui
Kanohi : Akaku
Colors : Light blue and black
Element : Sonics
Occupation : Comic Maker
Tools : Photoshop CS4
Location : Comic Land
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Deh-Pahr

Depar, currently known as Sweet Potato Fries, is a comic maker and member of BZPower Forums. He has not made many comic series, but has still received a fair amount of recognition.

He believes that he is not the best in humor, and has had many ideas for serious comic series that he has never gone farther than sprites.


Nothing is known about his past. In Shadix' Comics, he was banished from a village after causing a "public disruption," (Running, Screaming, Blowing it up.)


Hey Nuva Nuva

Hey Nuva Nuva was Depar's first solo comic series. A parody of the Toa Nuva and what they did after Teridax took over the MU. It has two seasons, one using RZMIK, and one using Rayg. He was planning to start Season 3 in ToM Kit.

Black and Blue comics

Depar began Black and Blue Comics when he believed Hey Nuva Nuva to be dead, though it wasn't. This series was also Depar's first try at Studio Comics. The first two comics showed Depar being lonely and bored. It was criticized for its consistent use of "Garfield" style humor in the beginning.

Legends of Prada-Nui

Legends of Prada-Nui was began as a user choice series, combining aspects of Quest (used first in MSPA) and the original series of Taco Party (used previously in How to Be a Noob). The first chapter was created only of commands. It died from lack of posts, as Depar's other series did.


Hope you all had a good summer. If I didn't know any better, I'd assume the faculty of BZP was murdered violently while changing servers, and someone took updating the news into their own hands. Ha ha. That would never happen. Never.

TotallyNotSalt 17:22, June 2, 2011 (UTC)Depar

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