Desertdan2's Comics


Author(s) : Desertdan2
Current Season : Four
Medium : Chimoru 1.0 (Seasons 1 and 2), Chimoru Omega (Season 3), RZMIK (Season 4)
Island : Unknown
Main Enemies : None
Number of Movies : None
Started On : December 14, 2005
Location : Desertdan2's house
Status : Inactive
Pronunciation : N/A

Desertdan2's Comics was the comic series of Desertdan2, along with his co-author Kortu. It lasted for four seasons before Desertdan2 retired from comic making.


Season 1

The original Desertdan2's Comics were started on December 14, 2005 and used Chimoru 1.0. The quality was standard for its time and the humor was largely random. They were notable for using correct grammar and spelling and featured Dark709 as a PGS, as well as Bob as a character. The topic received replies from Dark709 himself, Kortu, DudeNuva and others. It was closed due to topic revival on March 7, 2006.

Season 2

Season 2 was introduced one week later on March 14, 2006. They retained Chimoru 1.0 use and once again were somewhat random but graphical quality improved a bit, creating a more visually appealing style. The humor improved later on and in one instance, RZMIK was used. Kortu and Michael, Toa of Lightning began co-authoring for the series. Notable replies were from Turaga Dlakii, Superkid11 and Lavaside Rahi. The topic gained a following and increased Desertdan2's popularity as a comic maker.

Season 3

Hosted in the same topic as Season 2, Season 3 shifted to Chimoru Omega. The backgrounds consisted of the commonly used Chimoru rug put in such a way that it resembled a wood pattern and a blue wall consisting of various shades of blue at the top (occasionally changed). Season 3 wasn't as successful as the previous one and it officially ended on August 24, 2007 after the topic was closed.

Season 4


Season 4 filler.

Season 4's topic was deleted in the dataclysm, but it used RZMIK. It only had a few comics and presumably wasn't successful, but nevertheless was probably lauded for its humor.

Guest Stars

  • Kilorak The Wind-Titan
  • Turaga Dlakii
  • Kotahu
  • Toatapio Nuva
  • potato guy:toa hybrid of potatos
  • Crimson Jester
  • visorakhunter549
  • Searon

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