Headquarters : Dimensio-HQ
Leader : Commander FoX
Purpose : Various
Allies : Unknown
Enemies : Exo M7
Status : Active
Comics : Heroes, Mission Implausible
Location : Unknown

The Dimensio-Agents are an organization consisting of beings capable of traveling through space, time, and dimensions. The organization plays a minor role in Heroes and is the main focus of Mission Implausible.


Little is known about the origins of the Dimensio-Agents. They appear to act in the capacity similar to a law-enforcement agency, notable in how one of their agents was tasked at some point with guiding a group of fledgling superheroes.

Commander FoX is the apparent leader of the Dimensio-Agents and oversees all the missions from a lime green floating chair.

FLuGLeHieMeR was assigned by Commander FoX to oversee the actions of the heroes in the series Heroes. After an unexpected attack on the city of Flargulschmop made the heroes disappear and lose their memories, FLuGLe was assigned to assist Kortu in tracking down the heroes once more.

NaNDeRHeiSeR, a former high-ranking Dimensio-Agent, went rogue and assisted Exo M7 in his plan to corrupt the heroes. He was later murdered by Black Outline Dok.

Recently, in relation to his death, Dangerfist and Astley, a pair of trainee Agents and NaNDeRHeiSeR's former apprentices, were assigned by Commander FoX to invade other worlds and breathe some excitement into their plots. The Dimensio-Agents have regular parties on their HQ's rooftop.

Dimensio-Agent Species

The Dimensio-Agent Trainees retain the form of Matoran for their training. When they are promoted to full-blown Dimensio-Agents, they become a different species, also called a Dimensio-Agent.

This species is shown to usually come in one color with an outline around them and their only visible physical detail is their eyes. Dimensio-Agent Leaders like Commander FoX are one color completely. All members of the Dimensio-Agent species have names where all consonants are capitalized and all vowels are in lowercase.

Dimensio-Agents have many powers, as well. Those that are known are:

  • Time and space travel without the use of Dimensio-Portals
  • Flight
  • Memory manipulation
  • The ability to take over one's body
  • The ability to revert to their original Matoran form
  • Prophecy

It is unknown how Trainees are transformed into Dimensio-Agents.

Ruebix Species

The Ruebixes are a special form of Dimensio-Agents. They appear to have the same powers as a regular Dimensio-Agent, but instead of having one random color and an outline with their eyes retaining their original color, their color is black and their outline and eyes are the same bright color. Also, their names are regular as opposed to the capital and lowercase mix of the Dimensio-Agents. Instead, their names are preceded by the title "Ruebix"

The Ruebixes are the inner police force of the Dimensio-Agents.







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