Disco Isn't Dead


Author(s) : Kortu
Current Season : N/A
Medium : RZMIK (formerly Rayg 2.0)
Island : N/A
Main Enemies : Critics
Number of Movies : None
Started On : January 20 2006
Location : K93.5 Radio Station, Redd's Diner, Underground Hole
Status : Temp-Closed Indefinitely
Pronunciation : Dihs-Koh Iznt Ded

Disco Isn't Dead is a cult classic comic series started by Kortu. He later hired Searon as his co-author. He has planned to relaunch it many times.


Disco Isn't Dead's plot revolves around the daily activities of the characters that coexist inside their radio station. The characters went on an epic journey across many comic series in Project A.A.R.D.V.A.R.K. and later returned home, where a war had started and the station was destroyed. In the final comic, a tour of the new station was given.

During the relaunch, Kortu hopes to show off the same (but better) comedy, as well as showing actual radio broadcasting, which was actually seen being accomplished in the original series very few times.


Disco Isn't Dead takes place in the station, as well as the newly constructed Redd's Diner next door.

The Station

Main Article: KWTLOL Radio

KWTLOL Radio is the radio station being run in Disco Isn't Dead.

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