Dlakii Industries


Headquarters : Unknown
Leader : Dlakii
Purpose : Business
Allies : Irrelevant
Enemies : Unknown
Status : Active
Comics : The Newsroom
Location : Channel Billion Studios

Dlakii Industries is a relatively large corporation owned and operated by Turaga Dlakii. As far as it is known in the canon of The Newsroom, the group apparently specialises in media.


Little about Dlakii Industries is known, other than that it is the parent company of Channel Billion, Dlakii's television station, and its counterpart ROFLRadio. However, it is very likely that it owns other companies.

The history of Dlakii Industries is set to be expanded on eventually, just not necessarily in The Newsroom.


  • Dlakii Industries will feature prominently in The Newsroom Movie.
  • In reality, Dlakii Industries is a fictional company made by Turaga Dlakii. Whenever he creates sprites of any description, or other works entirely, its logo is often added to the sheet in question.
  • Dlakii Industries isn't exactly meant to be a multi-million dollar corporation, but rather a somewhat poor one; Channel Billion is considered to be the most successful venture of Dlakii Industries, which isn't really saying much.

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