"Finally, time to enjoy some of mah delicious pud-"

-Dody, before being slammed in the face with a door.



Species : Matoran
Comics : Summer Break
Kanohi : Powerless Avohkii
Colors : Red and Yellow/Gold with Blue eyes.
Element : None
Occupation : Eater of Pudding
Tools : None
Location : Anto-Nui
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : D'oh-Dee

Generic Info

Dody is your average Ta-Matoran, aside from his unusual love for pudding. Pudding is ususally the only thing he'll eat, unless provoked otherwise. He lives with Khols and his other companions in Khols's Studio, where he spends most, if not all of his time when he's not eating pudding. His love for pudding usually drives the other residents mad, especially when he leaves his empty pudding cups all over the place.


Although he may seem like one, Dody is by no chances a moron. Although he was originally planned to be one, Dody was not meant for such simpleness. His intelligence is blocked by his love for pudding, and Dody wouldn't be so "dumb" if he was away from it for a long time.


  • Dody was originally based off of Khols's brother, but soon evolved into a dependent character.
  • Dody has been shown Shoop Da Whooping in Khols's previous series. Dody will not shoop again, since Khols thought the idea was stupid.
  • Dody would give his own soul for pudding. No joke.

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