Species : Av-Matoran
Comics : The Unknown Turaga Saga
Kanohi : Noble Ruru
Colors : Usually green and white
Element : Light
Occupation : Assistant
Tools : Healing staff
Location : The Northern Isles
Status : Alive, presumably in Port Spirit
Pronunciation : dohm-nah-rah

Domnara is a female Av-Matoran residing in Port Spirit. She occasionally does minor jobs for Turaga Dlakii.


In her only appearance in the Saga thus far, Domnara was seen delivering a newspaper to Dlakii, urging him to take note of the main headline. It was this headline, telling of the Shadow Dragon razing of Kaku Nui, which inspired Dlakii to undertake Turaga Doomed's mission.

Powers and Traits

Domnara, like all Av-Matoran, is capable of changing her colouring at will; she typically chooses to appear in hues of green and white. Unlike the average Av-Matoran, she cannot fire light pulses. Instead, she is capable of using her control over light to heal others; how this works is unknown. Furthermore, her Kanohi Ruru appears to be always active on very low power, granting her the ability to see in darkness to some extent.


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