Species : DOAM
Comics : KFC, Doom's Comics, Charles Bob
Kanohi : Vahi and Pakari
Colors : Black, Red, Orange
Element : Destruction (not an official element)
Occupation : Comic maker
Tools : Staff of Destruction
Location : Sem-Nui
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : DOOMEH

Doom, a member of BZPower who just loves... well... destruction because every

Doom seen in Nanonicle

single one of his comics have had destruction (Dooms Comics) but he is currently getting better with GIMP effects which of course means more destruction. He has guest starred in Dark Warlord's comics and will appear in Bohrok lord's Comics of the Morons and has had an entire saga based off him in Dr. Khols's comics. Doom has now been Stroggified with the ABi0gg1 and is off to stroggify Gavla.


Doom has the powers of destruction, which allows him to destroy literally anything he wants. He can also change into "Toa" Doom, which enhances the power and Real Doom, in which he cannot control any of his power. Doom can shapeshift into any form, but with concequences in power and strength etc.

Demonstrating the Shoop Da whoop in a form between (the looks of) "matoran" and "toa"


His mask is a combination of a Pakari Nuva and a Vahi. It has barely anything to do with strength. He can travel through time using his Vahi. His mask doesn't symbolize his powers of destruction, Real Doom's does.


  • During Doom's Comics the Movie: Search for the Saviours, it has been hinted that Doom will revert into "Biosp", his original form.

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