Dr. Giggles Comic Factory


Author(s) : Dr. Giggles
Current Season : 2
Medium : Chimoru Alpha, Rayg 2.0
Island : Unknown
Main Enemies : None
Number of Movies : None
Started On : October 7, 2010
Location : Vahi's Basement
Status : Running
Pronunciation : N/A

Dr. Giggles Comic Factory also known as Noobicorn Inc. is a currently running comic series authored by Dr. Giggles. It was opened on October 7, 2010, and the first season racked up a little over 100 replies.

Humor and ThemesEdit

The series' mostly revolves around the pains of being the youngest sibling. Often the Noobicorn is used for humor, as well. Making fun out of generic comics and cliche/really bad jokes is a common theme in this series, but most times, the humor revolves around pain, and sometimes sibling related rivalries.


Season OneEdit

Season one was released on October 7, 2010, simply being named Dr. Giggles Comic Factory (arguably, after Philipnova798's Comic Factory) and used Chimoru Alpha sprites, and backgrounds made in Gimp, even though the comics are sprited in Paint.

In some comics from Season One, you can see use of Gimp for smoke clouds, blood, and other graphics like these.

Season TwoEdit


Character sheet for Season two

Season Two was released on April 9, 2011, using Rayg 2.0 sprites, and better backgrounds, again made in Gimp, by his older brother. This season takes place in the basement of Vahi's house, because Giggles couldn't afford his own house due to high pay-rolls of certain characters. (Specifically, Sally, who he dropped as a character in this season). This season is also known as Noobicorn Inc. for unknown reasons.

In this season, Giggles revived Ruutu and Nub, despite the fact that they died in Season One's finale, but for unknown reasons, didn't revive Gammu. He also dropped Sally, because her "salary was too high".


The following is a list of characters from Dr. Giggles Comic Factory.

Main Characters

Character Description Gender Species Insane/Sane
Dr. Giggles The main character. He's extremely annoying, known as insane quite often, though he isn't fully. He has a deep admiration for the Noobicorn. Male Matoran (Toa in Season Two) Insane
Vataki/Vahi Giggles' older brother. He is the oldest of the 3 siblings, and normally the most responsable, but likes to goof off quite often. Male Matoran Normally sane
Snicker Giggles' older sister. She is arguably insane, but definately evil. Female Matoran (Toa in Season Two) Arguably Insane/Evil
Nami Probably the most hyper character. Has a major crush on Vahi, and is his self-proclaimed girlfriend. Female Matoran (Toa in Season Two) Hyper, but not insane.
Nub Giggles' best friend. He is an awkwardly designed character, being a Grey matoran, with Micky Mouse-like ears on top of his Kanohi. Male Matoran n00b!!!1!1
Ruutu The closest thing to "the bad guy who wishes to take over the comics". Male Matoran (Toa in Season Two) Arguably Insane.

Former Characters

Character Description Gender Species Insane/Sane
Gammu A Ga-Matoran who Giggles had a crush on, but was killed off in Season one's finale. Female Matoran Sane
Sally A bossy, snappy Ga-Matoran who was dropped because it cost too much to keep her. Female Matoran Sane


  • Dr. Giggles Comic Factory was also titled Dr. Giggles Chocolate Comic Factory in season one's header.
  • This meaning it could be named "Comic Factory" after the popular book Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.
  • Much like Snickers, the series can be considered a spin-off of the somewhat popular comic series Timely Insanity.

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