Dr. Madness is a character in Philipnova798's Comic Factory The Movie- Attack of Dr. Madness. He is to be voiced by Phil in the movie.

Species : Matoran
Comics : See First appearance.
Enemy of : Pretty much the whole comics land. And Tren Krom.
Origin : N/A
First Appearance : Philipnova798's Comic Factory The Move: Attack of Dr. Madness
Evil Abilities : Extremely smart. Able to handle any weapon with ease, creature form
Weaknesses : Not known
Notable Past Acts of Evil : Just turned evil
Location : The Comic Land
Pronunciation : Doc-tor-Mad-ness

Character Overview- Pre-EvilEdit

Dr. Madness (Formerly Dr. Stephen Mayhum) was a college professor at Ko-Koro Community College, the same college that Phillipnova attended. When he was on vacation on the island, Skrall, the Rainbow Army enforcers came along and attacked everyone on the island. They took Mayhum, James T.Piehon, Jack The Swordsman, Kerma, Turaga Takanuva and a few others away from the island. Piehon and Kerma were able to break free from their cuffs and started a group of outsiders that were also about to be taken away from the island. These included Ken, Gus The Geezer, Michel, Sakura, KonguKopeke and The Vahki Brothers. Unfortunately, Jack, Mayhum, Takanuva and the other captured Matoran were shoved into containment spheres before Kerma could free them. The Containment Spheres (Built by Koi Boy) took the prisoners perse to a Holding cell in BZ Metru. Unfortunatly, twelve of these spheres malfunctioned and went off course, including Mayhum's.

Character Overview- EvilEdit

Mayhum's sphere crash landed right next to Trem Krom's lair. Trem, along with the villains that were with him were shocked to see it. Mayhum was taken under the villain's wing and his last name modified. Madness now plans to see that Trem will die and Madness will become the ultimate leader in villainy.

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