Dr. Mata Nui


Author(s) : Ziko
Current Season : One
Medium : RZMIK
Island : Not Stated
Main Enemies : Mr. Fluff
Number of Movies : None
Started On : March 16, 2008
Location : At and Around BZ-Metru
Status : Dead
Pronunciation : DOK-tur MAH-tuh NOO-ee

Dr. Mata Nui was a comic series created by BZPower member Ziko. It was a short-lived comic series written during March and April 2008.


Dr. Mata Nui is the story of a doctor of the same name. His life became fairly unusual after he delayed tending to Pik, one of his patients.

First Season

Season one starts with Dr. Mata Nui and his assistant walking through a cheap MS Paint background. The doctor decides to look for the source of the strange land, even though a Matoran, Pik, is calling for him to help. The source of the problem is Mr. Fluff, who was changing the land with an Oddifier Machine. They deactivate the machine, and go on their way. Meanwhile, Pik is at his house, sick, and his robot escapes.

Dr. Mata Nui makes it to Pik's house, where Pik tries to attack the doctor with his robot. However, Robo-Pik isn't there, so nothing happens. Robo-Pik is with Mr. Fluff, eating ice cream. They find a brown spot in the ice cream (which is actually chocolate) and they throw it away. It flies over to Pik's house, landing on him.

They get the ice cream off, and Pik is choking on it. Dr. Mata Nui un-chokes him, and Pik decides to file a lawsuit against the doctor, but ends up not doing so.


At one point, Ziko planned to release a sequel series for the comics, following Tropical Comics. However, this plan did not go through. Ziko instead released =D Comics Again.


Character Description
Dr. Mata Nui He is a call-in doctor. He uses unconventional methods.
Sparkles/"Assistant" Dr. Mata Nui's assistant. The doctor never uses his real name.
Pik An impatient Matoran. He has a grudge agains the doctor.
Tahu Still a Toa Mata, he is often in a bad mood.
Robo-Pik A robotic version of Pik. He is very easy-going.
Mr. Fluff/Fuzz The villan of the first season. He's a good guy in Rx.
The Professor From Big Brain Academy; he is full of random facts.

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