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DudeNuva's Comics


Genre : Comedy
Written By : DudeNuva
Current Season : v2
Location/Setting : Channel Billion Studios
Main Enemies : Tamaru
Starting Date : July 9, 2006
Medium : RZMIK
Status : Dead

DudeNuva's Comics were a comic series written by DudeNuva, started on July 9, 2006. Despite their short life, they garnered a rather large following, notably from some members who did not frequent Artwork III.


Following the monumental success of his comedies, DudeNuva decided to initially follow a career path not unlike that of his friend Turaga Dlakii, and make comics himself. His first foray, Crazy Koro Happenings Comics, based on his legendary comedy, was not particularly successful; hence, DudeNuva tried something a little different. The end result was the DudeNuva's Comics line. Unlike most comedy series, both incarnations of DudeNuva's Comics followed a loose overriding plotline, albeit one lacking any real seriousness.

Original Series

Version 2

Introducing enhanced graphics and the use of the Revolutions versions of the RZMIK kit, Version 2 followed a plot revolving around the bizarre consequences of Tamaru kidnapping DudeNuva's house.


In the end, DudeNuva gave up on working solo on comics, reportedly due to his tendency to take a long time with making comics; his only comic work in the past two years has been in The Newsroom. In some ways, his work in The Newsroom is something of a succession to this series, notably incorporating antagonist Tamaru.


The following character descriptions are quoted directly from the Version 2 character sheet.

Name Description
DudeNuva The creator and star of the comics, I'm a peaceful ex-Toa who retired to a supposed "peaceful" life along with my friends.
Trai Trai is the younger brother of DN, despite DN's claims that they aren't related. He causes tons of trouble along with his friend, Ruki.
Jimmi Jimmy is a trustworthy mechanic who operates in DN's area. Due to the constantly breaking mansion, he and DN are now friends.
Revlia Revlia is the most talkative Ko-Matoran you'll ever meet. He's best friends with Tamaru and can often be seen plotting with the menace.
Jakias An ex-businessman, Jakias isn't as lenient with the craziness that occurs. But because of their friendship, he doesn't interfere.
Dezon Produced in an experiment gone wrong, Dezon is a clone of DN. He's a reverse-reciprocal anti-DudeNuva with an IQ of 6.
Kalva Kalva is DN's girlfriend, and can often be seen around the mansion hanging with DN or Hahli. She can straighten out any troubles.
Petumi Petumi is an oblivious moron who wandered into DN's life and hasn't left since. He's annoying, idiotic, and perpetually cheerful.
Dlamei Dlamei is an icy Ko-Matoran professor who ends up teaching at Trai and Ruki's boarding school, much to their... enjoyment.
Zatau A perfect example of "all brawn, no brain", Zatau is the mindless pawn whom Tamaru and Revlia often use for dangerous prankwork.
Tamaru Tamaru is an annoying, evil Le-Matoran prankster that follows DN everywhere just to... annoy him. He leads Revlia and Zatau.
Hewkii Hewkii is a traveling sportsman who often competes alongside Turakii. He has more brawn than brain, but has a good heart.
Jaller A brave Guard captain, Jaller is usually one of the mature members of DN's entourage. He can be seen almost constantly with Hahli.
Hahli Jaller's girlfriend, Hahli is a smart and patient Ga-Matoran who can often bring words of reason to the group's various exploits.
Takua Takua, the obsessive Chronicler, is Jaller's best friend. He has his book at all times to record anything worth reading.
Tahraau Tahraau is DN's best friend, and he constantly comes over to visit. He's always cheerful and can lighten any situation.
Turakii Turakii, who is also a best friend of DN, is an athlete who stays at DN's house when he isn't competing in sports with Hewkii.
TMN TMN is the carefree comedian who became DN's friend early on; ever since, the two have worked many times as partners.
Ruki TMN's somewhat annoying little brother, Ruki is Trai's best friend. They can often be seen together, playing or plotting.
Onuki Onuki is a wise Onu-Matoran who helped DN become what he is now. He comes over to the mansion a lot, to help with the mayhem.
Dlakii Dlakii is a heroic ex-Toa whom DN knew for a long time. He's an underrated comedian, who hopes to someday be fully recognised.

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