Species : Rahkshi
Comics : Summer Break
Kanohi : None
Colors : Gray
Element : None
Occupation : Janitor
Tools : Broom
Location : Khols's Studio
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Erl
"Let this meeting commence."
— A line of Earl's starting a Broom Club meeting
Earl is a character created by Khols, most recently used in his comic series, Summer Break.


Earl is a very boring character that works as a janitor for Dr. Khols's studio. He never shows any emotion, and all he does is clean the studio. However, before Earl became a janitor, he worked a variety of jobs, such as a doctor and as a pilot carrying tons of cash. He was still boring then, as well. As a janitor, Earl has unlimited supplies of brooms and other cleaning products. Although Earl seems to be completely boring, there might be more to him than we know.


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