Eraser Magician


Species : Unknown
Comics : I MADE THIS
Kanohi : N/A
Colors : Green and Blue robe, unknown underneath
Element : Erasement
Occupation : The leader of The Erasement Forces
Tools : Erasing Bombs
Location : Erased Lands and Hapori-Nui
Status :  ?
Pronunciation : e-RAY-ser ma-GI-ci-an
— The Magician

The Eraser Magician is a mysterious being from another dimension, the Erased Lands. He is possibly robotic, as he has Toasterbots in his army. He does not like what he is doing, but he has to do it, for fear of death.

Character Overview

He has existed for thousands of years, yet no-one knows where he has come from. It is said he is not from the Erased lands but from a flying island off the northwest of The Comic Lands, which existed for centuries in peace but in the spark of war was Erased. Eventually, he is now under the control of the Claw, and has been Erasing thousands of places for his untrustworthy but powerful master...




The Magician has a Green and Blue colored robe, but no-one knows what EXACTLY is underneath. It is said that sometimes if you look at the bottom of the robe you will see his silver metal feet shine in the light. Whether he is all metal remains to be seen.


  • His ability to travel though dimensions has lead to an appearance in Galva's comics, where his bombs ruin a section of their enviroment.
  • He is set to appear in Lazy Life of a Comic maker in the near future.
  • This guy has ALSO wriggled himself to the Deception Comic studios, where he will cause trouble.


  • He's not doing this for his own sake, but sometimes he delivers two bombs because the thought of his island being ruined has ruined his life and given him anger. Two bombs, one set off in Erasement, will erase the land forever.

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