Evo the Reaper


BZPower Status : Member
BZPower Comics Wiki Status : New User
Number of Posts (BZP) : Almost 100
BZP Occupations : Making comics, Eating souls
Commenced Comic Making : 2009
Number of Comics : Around 30
Pronunciation : N/A
Location : UK

Evo the Reaper, or just Evo, is a comic-maker and member of BZPower Forums. He has made four comic series to date.

Comic History

Night Falls: The Comic Series

Evo's newest comic series involving a group named S.R.O (Space Research Organisation), the Hero Gods, the Evil Gods, and two symbiotes named Terror (Female) and Horror (Male). This series is based on Quest and the upcoming RPG, Night Falls (Hence the title).

The Immortal Reaper Saga

Evo's new comic series about the life of Evo and his friends and enemies. This series is currently accepting PGSes, GSes, and co-authors and is now a 2.0 series as well. Evo is hoping that it does better than his other two comic series, The Life Of Teknio, Technus and Spartax, and The Epic Comics Of Epic Randomness. So far, the only co-author is Shadix. It uses the RZ kit.

The Epic Comics of Epic Randomness

A failed attempt at a first comic series, the topic is now dead. The comic series used Exdee's XD kit. Evo hoped it would be recognised as a good comic series despite it being only one panel comics. Sadly, it died.

The Life of Teknio, Technus and Spartax

After the death of TECOER, Evo decided not to make comics anymore if people were not going to like them. He soon perfected his skills and made comics again. He decided to call them The Life of Teknio, Technus and Spartax, but never released them until he made TIRS.

Other facts about Evo

He doesn't like annoying people, and hates randomness. He enjoys eating annoying people's souls, so whatever you do, DON'T be random and annoying around Him. He was transformed into a soul eater after defeating the Grim reaper as Teknio.

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