Species : Matoran
Comics : Heroes 3.0
Kanohi : Mind Control Device
Colors : Spraypainted white and brown
Element : None
Occupation : Exo M7's army
Tools : Laser sight
Location : N/A
Status : Everywhere
Pronunciation : eck-soe-lights

The Exolites are quite possibly one of the stupidest things that Turaga Dlakii has ever come up with. Or possibly one of the awesomest, I don't know.

The Exolites are Exo M7's mass-produced army, numbering well into the thousands.


Exolites appear to start life as normal Matoran, but via an as-yet-unrevealed process (presumably in a factory), they are transformed into mindless, Stormtrooper-esque figures, then are trained to fire lasers from their mind-control devices.

The Exolites first appeared to Kortu, Dlakii, Bionicle Dragon and Xaeraz in an empty field, presumably sent to take down the group. Though they had the upper hand, the Exolites were eventually driven back and drowned by Dlakii's power over water. It appears that one of these Exolites sustained a malfunctioning mind-control-device in that blast, freeing it from the grasp of noobism; this Exolite followed the trail of Kortu's team and eventually came across and was challenged by Black Outline Dok. This Exolite was quickly backed up by FLuGLeHieMeR and Ruebix Torque of the Dimensio-Agents.

Much later, Kortu's team (now with a limbless Zildjian) arrived at what turned out to be an Exolite production plant, and were greeted by an Exolite disguised as a blonde female receptionist; it was later demonstrated that this Exolite was, in fact, Rorschach fitted with Exolite headgear, then forced to crossdress.


All Exolites wear special headgear attached to a white Kanohi Rau. This headgear, modelled after the telescopic eye of Exo M7, is equipped with a mind control device which bends the wearer to the will of Exo and almost entirely inhibits coherent thought. The headgear also incorporates a laser blaster, hidden in the telescopic lens.

All Exolites are spraypainted brown and white, in order to reflect the colour scheme of Exo himself.


  • The Exolites' moronic behaviour could easily be compared to that of the Vogon army in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

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