Exon's Comics


Author(s) :


Current Season : 1.0
Medium : RZ
Island : Unkows-Nui
Main Enemies :


Number of Movies : 0
Started On : July 6 2008
Location : Reflum Co. HQ and residential homes
Status : open
Pronunciation : Ecks-ons Cawm-icks

Exon's Comics was made by Exon on Oct.31. There has been 3 storyline comics, no GS comics.


In the first comic Reflum is "attacked" by Koraki for the first time(Mistakenly using an iPod) and meet the cast. After a failed attempt to take over with a robot, the readers find out about the mysterious controller called "The Master". Soon after Exon accidentally got into Noobville and became a Chimoru Noob.


Good GuysEdit

Character Description
Exon A Ta-matoran that is a pyromaniac
Fasky A Ga-matoran that can move very fast and a former Olympic medalist
Jumpy A Po-matoran that can jump very high/far
Spritezy A Le-matoran that is very moronic and a sprite obsessed freak,
Avy An Av-matoran that wasn’t well hidden by the OoMN and hates darkness
VT A Tel-matoran that just watches T.V.
Spy Dude(S.D.) Classified

Bad GuysEdit

Character Description
Koraki A Ko-matoran and Exon’s nemesis.
Zeke An Onu/ga-matoran and Koraki's second-in-command
Psionys A Ce-Matoran that is male and can use is psionic powers
Robots Robots created to serve Koraki

The ComicsEdit

The StorylineEdit

  • 1. [1]The intro
  • 2. [2]Failure and the master
  • 3. [3]N00bv1ll3
  • 4. [4]Found or something
  • 5. [5]An unexpected surprise


  • 1 [6]PSA of changes
  • 2[7]Leik Tee Tecks Chiengd

GS ComicsEdit



Dark709 for accessories

Rahi Zaku for the original RZ


  • The first comic was created roughly 2-3 weeks earlier to the release but was planned roughly a month before
  • Exon only plans the fist half of the comics before making them and makes up the the rest of the comic from there

External LinksEdit The Topic on BZP

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