Species : Matoran
Comics : Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0
Kanohi : Hau
Colors : A Po-Matoran in a Black costume
Element : N/A
Occupation : Superhero
Tools : Numerous tools
Location : The Comic Land
Status : Active
Pronunciation : "N/A"

Fatman is a character in Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0

Character Overiew

Fatman (real name- Pearce Horto) is an obese super hero saving BZ Metru from villains like The Booger. However, he also promotes fast food in his spare time and has made lavaside rahi extremely angry in one comic.


Pearce became the Fatman when his father got a heart attack from eating too many Burgers. His mother on the other hand was healthy and showed her son how to fight against the evils who did it. Or at least that's what Fatman says.

The real story is much different. Pearce was obese, single and extremely lazy. One day he went to this place known as McStyx and had a radioactive burger fries and shake. When he left, he experienced stuff he never had before such as flying. He then became he hero we know today.

Fatman's Enemies

Aside from The Booger (a Penguin Parody), there are also (among many others)...

  • Clown Guy (The Joker)
  • Joke Master (The Riddler)
  • Plant Controller (Poison Ivy)
  • The Strong Person (Bane)
  • Freezer (Mr. Freeze)
  • ScareBear (Scarecrow)
  • The Red Matoran (Sir Pickles)
  • The Shadow Master (Makuta)
  • Darth Mask (Darth Vader)

Original Villains

These three adversaries are villains made exclusively by Phil for Fatman:

Dark Fatman- A version of the character that is an Onu-Matoran with an Orange costume. He was originally created by Tren Krom as a henchmen to overthrow Dr. Madness to regain his spot as leader. He then becomes a recurring villian for Fatman to fight. He'll first appear in Philipnova798's Comic Factory The Movie- Attack of Dr. Madness.

Veggie Man- A villain created for the story Fatman Vs. Veggie Man He had a sidekick named Skinny Dude. Both villains were defeated by the power of fat.

Skinny Dude- The sidekick of Veggie Man. He has the ability to stretch into different shapes due to how fit he is. Both him and his master were defeated by the power of fat.


  • Fatman was originally a joke between both Philipnova798 and his cousin.
  • The character appeared in a story entitled Fatman Versus Veggie Man before appearing in these comics.
  • Fatman will appear in the movie. In which he'll be voiced By Phil
  • He was also considered to be in Project Unlikely. That never materialized however and was dropped for Swearing Steve and Gatling Gun Henry.
  • There was also a character named Fatman in VakamaTK's first comics. Kahinuva also claims to have had a character named Fatman before it got changed to Ratman. This Fatman is the more recent one.
  • Neither Fatman's real name (Pearce) or secret identity has been revealed in the series.
  • Fatman is also the world record holder for world's fattest matoran.

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