Ferran is a toa of Iron, and a member of Luminox's comics.



Species : Toa
Comics : Luminox's Comics
Kanohi : Kiril, in noble shape
Colors : Maroon, brown, black
Element : Iron
Occupation : Engineer, inventor
Tools : Claw, Cybernetic Arm
Location : Ahoradelcine
Status : Alive, in hiding from Hapori Tohu's forces
Pronunciation : FER-ran


Ferran owned a buisness selling various inventions, until he became a toa. He met, and went on a mission with Nyrak, and lost his right arm in the prossess. he rebuilt it, adding various upgrades, such as a pincher, a sword, and a cannon. He later joined with Luminox's team, though they were disbanded later. He later rejoined, when they were called to Ahoradelcine. From there, they were pursued by Tohu's forces, until the team fought and defeated Tohu


Ferran is rather calm, with an IQ over 200. He is notorious for having an artificial arm, with many capabilitys. He has been known to get angry easily, but less easily as Nyrak.


Ferran has one clawed hand, which as amazing dexterity for somthing so large. He has a many abilitied Cybernetic Arm. His Kiril allows him to repair anything inanimate quickly.

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