Flaming Comics


Author(s) : FireEmblem
Current Season : One
Medium : RZMIK
Island : The Comic Land
Main Enemies : The Darkness
Number of Movies : None
Started On : February 1, 2009
Location : Various
Status : Closed
Pronunciation : N/A

This article is about the first season of the comics, you might be looking for the new season, Flaming Comics 2.0.

Flaming Comics was a series made by FireEmblem. It was succeeded by Flaming Comics 2.0.


Flaming Comics opened February 1st, 2009. 7 comics were made for the people on that day and most people liked it. The plot was that a evil lord, The Darkness, wanted to rid of FireEmblem forever due to knowing his past brother, VakamaFan. He sent out one of his minions, Khols to destroy FireEmblem by disguising as a PGS.

FireEmblem owned the studio with his cousin Nui and his stepfather Pro, who was also his former Science teacher in High School. The comics had 6 PGS' and had 18 comics before closing on April 3rd, 2009 due to school. A sequel was planned, but it had only 1 comic with the second one not even started.


The PGS's in this comic series are:

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