Species : Matoran
Comics : Freezo's Comics, Rogwiz's Comics, Makuta Gorasts's comics
Colors : Ice blue (Light and dark)
Occupation : Cryomancer lord
Tools : Ice powers, anything he can find
Location : His small studio
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Free-zoe

Freezo is a comic author and BZPower member. He is funny and not well known, but he is an awesome friend and an excellent PGS/GS.

Freezo's Comics

Freezo's comics are not that popular, but there are 10 PGSes, and there are currently over 20 comics and three fillers. There are 2 co-authors, KanohiNinja (Kanin), and ~AAarbuck~. The comics have also been supported by authors such as Rogwiz, Gavla, Makuta Gorast and Nuparurocks.

Makito's Comics

Freezo Appears as a PGS in Makito's comics. He has been used by Makito many times in several comics. Makito once covered Freezo in snow, thinking that he was a snowman. His regular black outlined Chimoru Omega sprite is still used by Makito as a major character in his series and in NR's series.

Rogwiz's Comics

Freezo also appears in Rogwiz's comics. He has been used widely here also, even getting to fly Rogwiz's plane once. He and Rogwiz are good friends.

Rogwiz Kit V5

Freezo also helps Rogwiz with his kit, making weapons and more.

Makuta Gorast's Comics

Freezo is also a PGS in Makuta Gorast's comics, he is rather widely used and is an excellent fighter.

Live, Learn, and Lawsuits

Freezo is also confirmed to be a PGS in Kahinuva's Live, Learn, and Lawsuits.

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