Funkin' Donuts


Author(s) : Arbiter
Current Season : One
Medium : RZMIK
Island : Unknown
Main Enemies : The SSM Employees
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : March 19th, 2009
Location : Funkin' Donuts
Status : Closed
Pronunciation : Fun-Kin Doh-Nuts

Funkin' Donuts is an RZ comic series Made by Arbiter and co-authored by Khols. It was inspired by, but did not rip off Super Splendid Mart.

Comic Overview

Basic Plot

The comic series focuses around Arby and Khols' life working at a donut shop known as Funkin' Donuts. The other Employees that work there include Mr.Maniac, a former customer that, was at first, nearly ripped off by Khols for overcharging him for a box of Chocolate Munchkins (until Khols' realized that it actually cost three dollars instead of three hundred dollars), Freezo, A Ko-Matoran that was found sleeping on the table in the Employee lounge, Ultimate Kardas and Saleen, two employees found through the Drive-Thru and the Internet respectively and the constant rivalry between Starbucks and Super Splendid Mart.

Comic Format

How it's made

Like Super Splendid Mart before it, Funkin' Donuts uses a combination of RZ sprites and live action

A typical Funkin' Donuts comic

backgrounds using either GIMP, Photoshop or Paint to add in the characters (depending on the comic).

Type of Humor

Arbiter uses different kinds of humor including the random (such as when he was said to have called another person Sgt. Johnson *of Halo fame*, ate a banana and passed out) to mature themes (such as giving a customer Typhoid as an April Fools gag, then getting his butt sued for nine hundred thousand dollars).

Khols in this series also exhibits extreme stupidity. This is noticed when he didn't realize the Chocolate Munchkins were three dollars because he didn't notice the dot in between the three and the zero. He also has a habit for gorging on donuts when Arbiter isn't looking. As well as being easily bribed by others, as demonstrated when The Funkin' Donuts sign was being constructed (see the thumbnail). Khols' was bribed to leave the 'N' out of the sign with a chocolate glazed donut (however, as he's seen with sprinkles on his mouth, he's either lying, there's a chocolate glazed with sprinkles in this word or it's a typo mistake).

Virus Corruption

On June 9th, Arbiter suffered a loss in his data. Losing all of his FD kits as a result. It's been nearly a month since this happened and there is no indication on when Arby will make another comic besides the words "When I (Arby) get my computer back"


Plot Screwin

Khols' picture of extreme Plot Screwing. You don't want to know what this means.

  • In a bit of irony, Mr.Maniac is also the creator of Super Splendid Mart.
  • A little while after Arbiter made the announcement of no more comics until he gets his computer back. He also, in the same post, said that no one, except Khols and U_K, could mess up the plot line too much. Khols decided not to listen and churned out the little piece of creepiness to the right.

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