The Percimate Untolica, in its pure form.

The Fuse Virus, or Percimate Untolica, is a weapon in the comic series Toaster's Island. It appears quite heavily in Bradack Legend.

Bradack Legend

Chap. 14, Gospel of Narnia, p349

A power beyond

A power with might

A power that is setnient

And one that will fight

This creation will burn

This life down to the ground

This life will return

The virus still fights

And we only stop our battles

At the middle of the fight

And we can only rest then

At the middle of the night


  • Strangely enough, the name "Fuse Virus" was coined by Toaster, yet it is also referred to in Bradack Legend as "The Virus"- long before Toaster started his reign. It is called "Percimate Untolica" almost everywhere else.

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