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Gatotak is a comic maker. He co-authors multiple series and authors two. Gatotak is currently planning iGat XP, utilizing Chimoru Zeta.

As a spriter, Gatotak made the very first multi-color spritesheet in Chimoru Omega, which many added on to with crazy things like multi-color Turaga. He does not approve of the purple shoulders King Levahk added. He is currently making an edited version of Omega for himself, called Chimoru Molomn. It is called that because it's based off of the Matoran from the first and second movies. He has discontinued that, but created an alternate body version in Six Shade Chimoru named Chimoru Zeta which he gave to only a select few (such as Kahinuva).

Appearances in Other Series

Live, Learn, and Lawsuits

Gatotak is set to PGS in Live, Learn, and Lawsuits.

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