Species : Hakim
Comics : Worlds Beyond The Horizon Of The Mind
Origin : The Ankab Shaddai
First Appearance : Chapter 2, Comic 4: A House In Nowhere
Abilities : N/A
Weaknesses : N/A
Location : Allira
Pronunciation : GRR-N

Ghern is an elderly Hakim, a resident of the planet Allira.


Ghern lives alone with his granddaughter Allira. His wife, Masyr, and his granddaughter's parents were all killed by The Tw'man.


Being fluent in English, an ancient language on Allira used for religious practices, he was most likely an Ahatiar or other religious figure. He now lives in a small home seemingly in the middle of the desert farming for whatever crops can grow.

Sometime during the series, he helps Emkay out of the harsh desert sun after passing out. He welcomes her into his home and introduces her to his granddaughter Allira.

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