Species : Matoran
Comics : The Newsroom
Kanohi : Noble Ruru
Colors : Blue, White
Element : Ice
Occupation : TV Presenter
Tools : None
Location : Channel Billion Studios
Status : Impoverished
Pronunciation : glays-eye

Glacei, one of the first characters to be introduced into The Newsroom, is a perpetually poor current affairs presenter at Channel Billion. He also appeared in Lai's City Stories, doing similar things.

In The Newsroom

Introduced in the first comic, Glacei has been a relatively major character throughout the series, and is frequently the butt of many monetary jokes; he is often seen begging Dlakii for a pay rise or an advance on his pay.

Glacei's main problem is that he is driven by a compulsive urge to shop and waste money. As said by Turaga Dlakii:

"Whenever presented with money of any kind, he spends it within one minute. Shortly after, these purchases are repossessed, continuing a vicious cycle that took years for him to perfect."


  • Glacei is one of Turaga Dlakii's favourite characters in The Newsroom.
  • Glacei was never originally planned to have financial troubles.

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